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MOEJ kicked off its cooperation project in the field of Waste Management in Thailand

Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ) launched its’ cooperative project in the field of Industrial Waste Management with Department of Industrial Works (DIW) and Municipal Solid Waste Management with Department of Local Administration (DLA) by holding meetings with those organization in September 2023.

In the meetings, representatives from both DIW & DLA expressed their high expectation for support from Japan, while Attaché from the Embassy of Japan, as a representative from Japanese party, committed its best effort in the project.

The cooperation project has been started since 2016 under the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of waste management in Thailand between MOEJ & DIW and MOEJ & DLA, and MOEJ together with both DIW & DLA continue to share knowledge & experience related to waste management through the project implementation.

EX Research Institutes (EXRI ASIA) is trusted by MOEJ to be a coordinator and consultant of the project. To support and drive the project to achieve the goals that the parties have expected.

Please find our implementation under the project in 2022 on our website below.

  • Meeting between MOEJ and DLA

  • Meeting between MOEJ and DIW


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