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Training on Grease Trap Installation to Reduce Wastewater Discharge into Public Water Source

Mab Ta Phut Town Municipality, Rayong Province has collaborated with the Community Partnership Association to hold a workshop to promote the use of grease traps in households and encourage community participation on wastewater treatment before discharging into public water sources.


The workshop on the use of grease traps in households’ promotion is one of activities in the Khlong Nam Hu Integrated Development Plan. These activities aim to promote community wastewater management by using grease traps before discharging into public water sources, raise awareness and provide information to over 70 participants of stakeholders, including community leaders, residents, shopkeepers, and restaurant owners in the Khlong Nam Hu area and surrounding areas. The workshop also encourages community participation in wastewater management and involves water pollution reduction. [1]


As the Ministry of Interior has prioritized on wastewater management issue as a main mission in accordance with the Determining Plan and Process of Decentralization to Local Government Organization Act, B.E. 2542 (1999) Section 16(18) and 17(10) which stipulated the Pattaya city, Municipality, PAO and SAO shall have authority to manage wastewater generated in their area as well as Government’s policy [2]. The Department of Local Administration (DLA), as competent government agency to support Local Administrative Organization (LAO), promoted LAO to issue local ordinance for Grease Trap Installation in building since 2006 [3]. However, there are some still not yet issued local ordinance and therefore, DLA continues to expedite LAO to issue the local ordinance and promote the activity related to community wastewater management.




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