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PTG - EGAT expands a new "125 kW" EV charging station, launches the latest EleX by EGAT Max station

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

PTG – EGAT attended the opening of EleX by EGAT Max charging station at PT Max Park Salaya branch, which is the first EleX by EGAT Max station in Bangkok area. Where EGAT-PTG equipped a 125 kW DC Fast Charge charger with 4 parking slots to facilitate EV users traveling in and out of Bangkok. which can now access the service

The charging station is designed under the concept of "REST EAT PLAY" to be a new station. which is simple, uncomplicated and emphasizes on being Clean Energy, reflecting the nature of EV users who care about the environment.

PTG and EGAT have opened 17 EleX by EGAT Max charging stations in the past, and 18 more charging stations will be ready for service by the end of July 2022 to 35 stations in total.


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