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Controversy over Waste Management in San Sai Ngam goes to arbitration

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Group of protesters against the waste power plant in San Sai Ngam Subdistrict, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province have gathered to inform the progress of the objection results and to formulate a course of action. There are about 50 villagers in the area who disagreed with the construction of a waste power plant.

The project, with capacity of 9.9 MW and uses about 500-700 tons of waste per day, has been developed by San Sai Ngam Subdistrict Municipality together with the private sector. which a group supports the project developed by San Sai Ngam Subdistrict appeals that the project has been approved by the majority of people in San Sai Ngam Subdistrict by putting forward the vote for results of the feasibility of the project, while opposition group accused that the vote seems be taken place improperly.

The chairman of the opposition group revealed that the group has submitted a letter with evidence to the Administrative Court to request them to issue suspension order for the construction of the project. Administrative Court has confirmed their acceptance of the complaint document, and in the process of investigation. the Administrative Court will report to him, when they have any progress.


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