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Villager complains Mukdahan Town Municipality's smelly landfill

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The media reported that, on June 17, 2033, a villager complained about emanating foul smell, insects and overflowing wastewater during rainy season from a solid waste disposal site operated by Mukdahan Town Municipality. The problem with overflowing wastewater has been affecting agriculture and the use of groundwater in the area for almost 20 years. The villager would call on Mukdahan Town Municipality to tackle with those problems as well as accelerating the project development of waste to energy power plant which the municipality has started developing the project for more than 2 years.

The project development of waste to energy power plant of Mukdahan Town Municipality is a project that the construction budget is over 1,800 million baht, with a capacity of 9.9 megawatts and scheduled for commercial operation (SCOD) within 2025-2026. The project has been approved by the Ministry of Interior. However, currently, the bidding has been postponed because a private bidder has requested for temporary injunction of the bidding from the Administrative Court, referring to suspicious terms of reference (TOR) and inquired to revoke the unfair criteria.

Ms. Suwannee Tangpanitanon, Mayor of Mukdahan Town Municipality, informed that currently the Municipality has not yet been able to open proposal envelopes for almost a year because the injunction has not been completed. Therefore, the Municipality has made a letter requesting the Administrative Court to speed up the proceedings.

The solid waste disposal site of Mukdahan Town Municipality covers an area of 40 Rai (64,000 square meter) with over 400,000 tons of accumulated waste, receiving more than 60 tons of waste per day from more than 50 nearby local administrative organizations. Currently, the landfill capacity is nearing full.


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