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TGO and VERRA promote the T-VER mechanism standard to be equivalent to the international standard

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

TGO and VERRA signed a memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation to promote the T-VER mechanism harmonize with international practice and work together to develop a collaborative knowledge exchange on the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) mechanism, which is an international voluntary greenhouse gas reduction mechanism.

Activities to be taken under the cooperation:

• Organizing seminars and workshops or other events hosted by VERRA experts to provide knowledge of the carbon market and VCS requirements.

Supporting information about the VCS mechanism and its greenhouse gas reduction methodology

The cooperation between TGO and VERRA will help to ensure that the standard of the T-VER project is harmonize and equivalent to international standard and make the T-VER project help support Thailand to achieve the NDC goal and make carbon credits of T-VER project to be more widely accepted by both domestic and international buyers.



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