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SET published “Standard Master Trading Agreement” to encourage Carbon Credit Mechanism

International Society well recognize that Global Warming and Climate Change is serious issue as those impact people’s live in wide area in the world

Carbon credit trading is one of the emission mechanisms to tackle with Global Warming widely utilized at the present. The structure and form of the carbon trading market is based on market mechanism or supply and demand. However, the key factors that affect the mechanisms are appropriate regulations and measures to stabilize the market.

the Thailand carbon credit markets are developing rapidly as well. Therefore, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) published the "Standard Master Trading Agreement (hereinafter referred as “the Agreement", as a basic framework for carbon credit and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) trading for all interested parties and stakeholders.

The Agreement introduce on the basic information for preparing trading agreement, including necessary terms & conditions based on the international standards which is widely accepted in emissions trading. However, this Agreement does not cover for the trading via Carbon Credit Trading Center or Carbon Credit Trading Platform.

The Agreement defines “Carbon Credit” as amount of GHGs reduction & removal from the implementation of any projects, certificated by standard organization such as Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), Verra, United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

While “Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)” means certificate of electricity generated from renewable energy resource which is issued by the International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard).

Any interested person can find for additional information as per link:


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