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Ministry of Energy adjusts the new Thailand Power Development Plan (PDP) from PDP 2022 to PDP 2023.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The preparation of the new Thailand Power Development Plan (PDP) or the Power Development Plan, 2022-2037 (PDP 2022) has been delayed due to the problem of fluctuating energy prices causing the plan to be adjusted several times and not being completed in October 2022 as scheduled, the Ministry of Energy (MOE) will therefore change the name from the PDP 2022 to the PDP 2023 (2023-2037) instead.

However, currently, the MOE is preparing the PDP 2023 to submit to the Minister of Energy for consideration first, then will open for public hearing in June 2023, and lastly request for approval from the new government after the upcoming general election.

The PDP 2023 continues to focus more on renewable energy and still divides the power consumption and production by region. As for the proportion of power generation, there will be slight changes. The new coal-fired power plant will not be included while nuclear power plants are still being retained towards the end of the PDP 2023 and will be scaled down. The price of electricity is set at a maximum of 5 baht per unit as the cost of renewable energy is reduced due to current technology. Overall, the amount of power production in the PDP 2023 will be close to the PDP 2018 revision 1.


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