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Eco-Friendly foam fire extinguisher agent for wildfires

Exri Asia is trusted by Japan company which manufactures additive-free soap and developed a new eco-friendly foam fire extinguishing agent to be a Coordinator of the project on Eco-Friendly foam fire extinguisher agent for wildfires in 2nd year.

Wildfires are natural disaster that can affect a global climate impact, because it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Smoke from wildfires can rise far away from source and cause air pollution that direct impact on human health. Moreover, one of the most common types of gas fire extinguishers is Carbon dioxide which is one of a greenhouse gas.

Wildfires annually occur during the dry season especially the northern part of Thailand. In 2021, 4,311 wildfires occurred in total, which is damaging more than 100,704 rai, approximately 161,126,400 m2, that cause a lot of pollution (Reference from Fire Control Office, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation).


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