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Construction of Nong Khem waste-to-energy plant progresses to 6.32%, concrete foundation laid, piles driven

On April 20, 2024, Mr. Chakkapan Phewngam, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, visited the Nong Khaem Waste to Energy Project to monitor its progress. The project aims to generate electricity from waste with a capacity of no less than 1,000 tons per day. The project is located on a 30-rai plot of land (4,800 square meter) and is being operated by a private company. Construction began on February 9, 2024, and is scheduled for completion on November 4, 2026. The project will convert waste into energy instead of disposing of it in landfills.


Waste will be collected and stored in a waste pit inside a closed system for 3-5 days to reduce moisture content by 35%. A crane will then be used to lift and feed the waste into a stoker-type incinerator. The temperature will be controlled at 850-1,100 degrees Celsius. The heat will be used to boil water to generate high-pressure steam, which will drive a turbine to generate electricity using a 30-megawatt generator. The private company will be responsible for the investment and project management, including design, construction, installation of machinery, and operation of the waste processing system for 20 years.


The project is currently 6.32% complete, exceeding the target of 6.28%. Progress includes site leveling, concrete pouring for the wheel wash pit at the project entrance and exit, installation of a noise barrier, construction of a temporary road, construction of a field office, production and driving of piles, installation of a water mist sprayer and a water truck for spraying roads to prevent and reduce PM2.5 dust.


The Deputy Governor of Bangkok has instructed the Department of Environment, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to closely monitor the construction project to ensure that it is completed on schedule.



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