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Villagers against Development of Waste to Energy Power Plant in Chiang Rai

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

More than 200 villagers from San Sai Ngam Subdistrict, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province against the Project Development of Waste to Energy Plant (the project) attended a meeting to discuss with the representatives of relevant agencies i.e., Thoeng District Chief, Director of Chiang Rai Provincial Office for Local Administration, Chief of Thoeng District Office for Local Administration, Damrongdham Center Of Chiangrai, Public Health Executive of Thoeng District, Land Executive of Thoeng District, Community Leaders in San Sai Ngam Subdistrict and Executives in San Sai Ngam Subdistrict Municipality (the Municipality) at Thoeng District Office on July 6, 2023.

In the meeting, the villagers questioned the transparency of the process of the project development from the beginning, i.e., public hearing to submission a proposal to the provincial committee as well as called for the Municipality to decide whether to stop or continue to develop the project. The Municipality and the Municipality explained the process of the project development and will organize a meeting among the executives and the council members to make a decision, then will inform result within 7 days.

A Leader of the villagers informed that if they would appeal to other government agencies for the case the Municipality keep on developing the project.

The project is designed to generate 9.9 megawatts (capacity) of electric power from combustion of 500-700 tons of waste per day and the parties support for the project expressed that the project would contribute for solving waste issues in ​​Chiang Rai Province and surrounding area, while the parties against the project claim that the project would not match with the needs of the communities in Subdistrict, as it is agricultural based community in addition the project site is close to communities and natural water sources, and therefore it might impact on environment and public health over a long period of time.

Director of Chiang Rai Provincial Office for Local Administration revealed that the project proposal is under consideration by the provincial committee which is in step 5 out of 11 steps in development of Waste to Energy.


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