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SSP with partner companies invests in developing Waste to Energy Power Plant Project in Surat Thani province, selling 8.9 MW of electricity to PEA

Sermsang Power Corporation PLC. (SSP) has partnered with BAFS Clean Energy Co., Ltd. And Luckly Clean Energy Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture company named “Beisel Waste Energy Co., Ltd.”. The company aims to invest in developing Waste to Energy Power Plant Project in Surat Thani province with a budget of over 2,200 million Baht. The project will sell 8.9 MW of generated electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and is expected to start its operation within 2 years.


Beisel Waste Energy Co., Ltd. was selected as a successful bidder for the Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Power Plant Development Project from Ban Song subdistrict municipality, Surat Thani province. The project will use high efficiency technology to sort Municipal Solid Waste in Surat Thani province and feed it as fuel into a moving grate incinerator controlled by a hydraulic system. The plant will be installed with a flue gas treatment system, a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMSs) and a wastewater treatment system.


The project has an installed capacity of 9.9 MW and can process 500 tons of waste into energy in a day (or 165,000 tons per year). Currently, the company has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the PEA and expects to be able to start commercial operation (COD) by 2026.



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