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More than 80,000 tons of industrial waste illegally dumped in Rayong

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Department of Industrial Works (DIW) inspected factory in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Muang District, Rayong Province after receiving complaints from local resident in the area. They found a large amount of industrial waste in the factory area and the trucks picked up waste & transported to outside the factory.

The factory is a manufacturer and distribution of chemical fertilizers, gypsum, ammonia, ammonia hydroxide, sulfuric acid. The officer inspected inside the factory and found many piles of industrial waste about 500,000 tons. Staff of the factory said the waste was generated by fertilizer production process which shutdown 20 years ago and more than 80,000 tons of the waste have already transported to landfill on an empty land located approx. 10 kilometers from the factory.

DIW ordered the factory to stop operation, including transport waste from the factory to prevent surrounding communities from pollution, and ordered the factory to proper disposal of all the waste both inside and outside factory. DIW is under preparing to take legal action against the factory.


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