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Illegal dumping of chemical waste was found in Chachoengsao province

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Government agencies, including the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), Chachoengsao Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Office of Environment and Pollution Control 13 (Chonburi) and Hua Samrong SAO, inspected a land area under private ownership, located in Hua Samrong Subdistrict, Plaeng Yao District, Chachoengsao Province after their filing a reported as for illegal from local resident had dumping in Chachoengsao Province.

They found electronic waste, plastic scraps, oil, and contaminated waste which smell like pungent oil. The waste came from various source and 80 percent of them was industrial waste. The officers collected soil, water, and waste samples to determine if the waste is hazardous and prevented water sources nearby from contamination.

Recently, DIW reported the case to police to take legal action against the landowner in accordance with the Factory Act. & the Hazardous Substance Act. for further investigation as for details of illegal dumping, e.g. party dumped illegally, circumstance and etc.


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