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Hat Yai City Municipality resolves to send waste to Khlong Hoi Khong plant, Songkhla PAO proceeds with construction of WtE plant at Bo Taew

Hat Yai City Municipality (Hat Yai CM) in Songkhla Province generates about 230 tons of waste per day, which is disposed of at the landfill of Khuan Lang Town Municipality (Khuan Lang TM). However, on April 10, Khuan Lang TM issued an announcement prohibiting Hat Yai CM garbage trucks from entering the landfill site, citing environmental impacts such as odor and wastewater that affect residents around the landfill.


The mayor of Hat Yai CM held discussions with the provincial governor and agreed to transport the waste to the Khlong Hoi Khong waste sorting plant, operated by the private sector, starting on April 11. However, this was opposed by residents through local leaders, citing concerns about the use of low-quality garbage trucks that cause leachate leaks, litter, and odor. The garbage trucks make at least 40 trips at night, causing traffic congestion. Hat Yai CM has therefore held discussions with the dissenting residents and reached an agreement that Hat Yai CM will reduce the number of trips and operate during hours that will not affect residents in the area. Hat Yai CM will also inspect garbage trucks before they enter the area to prevent leachate leaks and litter.


In addition, the Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization (Songkhla PAO) is developing a Waste to Energy (WtE) power plant project with a capacity of 700 tons of waste per day, located in Ko Taeo Subdistrict, Mueang Songkhla District. The project is being carried out in collaboration with a private company. A private company has been selected to invest in the construction and management of the WtE power plant and to construct transfer stations in Sanam Chai Subdistrict, Sathing Phra District, and Ban Na Subdistrict, Chana District. The project is currently 13% complete and is expected to take 730 days to complete construction. The WtE plant is expected to be operational in January 2026. A total of 95 local administrative organizations will send waste to the project, with a total amount of 644 tons/day. The project has obtained all necessary permits and has held public hearings in each community.



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