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Encouraging the Eco Factory For Waste Processor standard for waste management

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Thai Government promotes the Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model (BCG Model) as the government’s policy to drive sustainable development of socio-economic in the country and to support the sustainable development of industries in Thailand as well as standardized the industrial waste management, The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) have jointly developed the Eco Factory standard since 2017, and have been developing the Eco Factory For Waste Processor standard in 2022.

Eco Factory is a factory committed to conduct its operations as an eco-friendly business for sustainable development, covering 5 development dimensions, 14 issues to be eco-industrial town, based on Zero Emission, Symbiosis with Community, Reliable Production Activities, Well-managed Environment Management System, and Resource and Energy Efficiency. They set a goal of a 100% Factory with an Eco Factory For Waste Processor standard in 2025.

To promote this standard, the IEAT encourages industrial entrepreneurs to select waste processors who are certified by the Eco Factory for Waste Processor standard, at least at the Beginner level, to manage their waste as well as give the benefit to waste processors. Any Factories certified by the Eco Factory Standard or the Green Industry Level 3 will receive a waiver or reduction of service fees in land use & business operation.

At this time, 388 factories were certified the Eco Factory standard, including 9 factories with the Eco Factory for Waste Processor standard, and 18 factories where are under consideration.

Additionally, they have developed a waste exchange platform (Circular Material Hub) to manage unusable materials & by-products, based on the concept of “the waste from one industry turn into raw materials for another industry.”



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