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DIW ordered the factory violating regulation to terminate its’ operation

Department of Industrial Works (DIW) seized all equipment & waste, consisting of 8 transport trucks, industrial waste in containers, and other materials within the factory area, to prevent waste transportation out of the factory of Aka-Uthai Co., Ltd. (Uthai Branch) and ordered them to terminate their operation.

The case of Aka-Uthai Co., Ltd. (Uthai Branch), DIW

  • issued an order to temporary suspend the factory’s operation, due to improperly management of industrial waste and leakage of chemical waste since February 2023 [1].

  • found that the factory has not improved their operation, when they visited the factory to inspect and follow-up the case on July 17, 2023. [2],

  • issued a new order to shut down all operations and visited the factory to announce the order on August 11, 2023 [3]. During their visit, DIW found liquid waste dumping in front of the factory, strong acidic liquid poured on the floor inside the factory and large amount of wastes landfilled within the factory area, other than liquid waste discharge into private land nearby the factory through PVC pipes & Rubber pipes, which is caused serious damage to agricultural areas around the factory.



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