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DIW ordered a factory violating regulation to shut down

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Department of Industrial Works (DIW) ordered Suntech Chemical and Logistics Co., Ltd. to shut down its factory as DIW found that the factory still remain violating regulation after deadline set up by DIW.

DIW found illegal dumping of hazardous waste in the company’s warehouses on March 10, 2023, and ordered the company to close its factory temporary and dispose the hazardous waste properly by March 30, 2023[1], but company did not take any actions and kept the hazardous waste as it is in their warehouse [2].

Therefore, DIW revoked a business license of the company and ordered the company to shut down the factory permanently. By law, Any parties operate a business without a license shall be punished by not more than 2 years detention or fined up to 200,000 baht as well as fined of 5,000 baht per day until the business closure.

The factory owner and related parties shall be responsible for all waste disposal and processing, even after the closure of the factory.


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