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Ban Phru Town Municipality signed contract with Private Sector for a Waste to Energy project

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Mayor and Municipal Clerk of Ban Phru Town Municipality signed contract with private company, for construction and management of Waste to Energy Project in Songkhla Province, on September 19, 2022


This project was approved by Minister of Interior on September 27, 2016 and listed (as one of 34 projects) in Notification of Energy Regulatory Commission on Power Purchase from MSW Power Plant B.E. 2565 (2022). Other details are as follows;

  • Investment cost: more than 600 million baht

  • Amount of electric power to sold to Provincial Electricity Authority: 4.5 MW

  • Duration of Power Purchase Agreement: 20 years

  • Amount of Municipal Solid Waste generated in the area: 251 tons per day and

  • Amount of waste accumulated in landfill (1997-): more than 500,000 tons.


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