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Pollution Control Dept. (PCD) drives municipal solid waste policy making

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Mr. Pitaya Pramotvoraphan, Deputy Director-General of the Pollution Control Department, (PCD) announced that PCD held a meeting with the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, Department of Local Administration, Department of Health, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Energy Efficiency and Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission to discuss municipal solid waste policy making i.e., the Proposal in Improving Improper Solid Waste Disposal Sites, the Proposal for Waste Sorting at Source and Collection of the Sorted Waste in line with the Action Plan on Food Waste Management Phase I (2023-2027).

Mr. Pitaya also stated that PCD has developed the ‘Proposal for Waste Sorting at Source and Collection of the Sorted Waste’ which expected to be implemented by Local Administrative Organizations (LAOs) and relevant agencies. PCD will propose the Proposal to the Pollution Control Committee and the National Environment Board and select site(s) as a pilot area for proposal implementation.

Once LAO is able to sort waste effectively, PCD and relevant agencies will support LAOs for food waste management at downstream and promote & support food waste management businesses to reduce the amount of waste at final disposal site.


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