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PEA Launched “CARBONFORM” for Greenhouse Gas Management

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has launched the greenhouse gas management platform namely, "CARBONFORM", and invited organization in PEA's service area who are interested, to use this service. PEA also presented the topic of "Plan to active the Carbon Neutrality and Direction to Net Zero in the Future" to participants.

PEA recognizes the importance of the Net Zero policy. Therefore, PEA has developed the CARBONFORM platform for estimating GHG emissions and using as a tool. Then, PEA invite electricity users in their service area (74 provinces excluding Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan) who are interested to use it.

CARBONFORM can be used for management of organization's GHG emission. This platform can identify and analyze the source of GHG emissions in detail, and report in real time. Additionally, the platform can recommend the strategies and guidelines for GHG emission reduction that contribute the organizations to achieving their goals effectively.

PEA offers a free trial of the platform for the interested organizations at The key features of the platform are as follows:


1.       REAL-TIME display system with Dashboard

2.       Automated Carbon Accounting for Scopes 2 (for PEA service area only)

3.       Collaborative workspaces for employees according to the organization's structure

4.       Easy to use and accurate calculations

5.       Automatic report in line with Green Office standards of TGO

6.       Selection on suitable templates for the organization

7.       Calculation on Carbon footprint based on ISO 14064-1, CFO and TGO’s standards


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