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NEX accelerates the production of electric buses. Preparing to deliver a vehicle to the BMTA.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

After officially launching the first fully-integrated commercial electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing & assembly plant in Thailand and plans to continue to produce up to 9,000 cars per year.

NEX Point Public Company Limited (NEX) has accelerated production of public transport EVs. to deliver for orders from the customers which group of companies have received as a concession from the Department of Land Transport for the route Bangkok and its vicinities in a joint manner with the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA).

NEX have delivered 120 EV buses to companies for their concessional operation for the Bangkok and metropolitan routes, which is public service of blue electric bus without pollution. In August of this year, the bus will be gradually delivered continuously. The NEX, with orders of nearly 4,000 vehicles, is in good cooperation with a group of operators who started manufacturing and assembling parts for delivering 600 units/month on average to the customers


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