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Lopburi villagers gather to oppose the construction of a toxic factory fear of danger

More than 500 people in Sa Bot Subdistrict gathered to listen to the referendum and comment. without agreeing with Sa Bot Subdistrict Municipality that has been approved for the construction of the building for fear of the dangers of the factory's toxic substances.

The factory engages in the business of casting copper, copper-containing sludge, copper scrap and granulated copper slag from electrical and electronic equipment parts, including sorting unused materials that is not a hazardous waste. The factory is classified as type 105 and 106.

Sheriff of Sabot, participated in the public hearing and bringing officer of the Office of Public Works and Town & Country Planning of Lopburi province to explain to the public. The officer summarized the results of the waste sorting plant construction that is not in accordance with the construction principles of this factory type. Especially most people do not accept this type of factory. The people were satisfied after the officer announced and dispersed.

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