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ERC rush to close deals for free green energy within 2022 (2022.06.17)

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Framework for Free Green Energy Trading (Power Electricity generated from Renewable Energy) in Thailand, which has been discussed for certain period, is not yet approved, as Energy Regulatory Committee (ERC) ordered ERC office to study the market, demand for green energy and guideline from other countries before being introduced to Thailand.

After studying the points above, ERC considers to open Free Green Energy in Thailand within year 2022. Demand in the market might increase, but study demand for type of green energy first, as their are many types of green energies, such as  

  1. to purchase power electricity generated by only specific type of power generation, e.g. wind, power and etc.

  2. to purchase power electricity by amount of power electricity but not type of power generation

  3. to purchase power electricity from power generation from mixed renewable energy

Other than the issues above, ERC office have to study type of green energy, i.e., which type of green energy other countries utilize, from other countries as well in order for Thai Green Energy Trading Scheme to be operated properly and accepted by international society, where business operators confirm utilization of green energy and reduce trading barrier.


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