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DLA introduced Saraburi’s Clean Province as MSW model in ‘Save the World Innovation Exhibition’

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Department of Local Administration introduced Saraburi’s Clean Province as MSW model in ‘Save the World Innovation Exhibition’.

Mr. Tawee Sermphakdeekul, Deputy Director General, as a representative of Mr. Kajorn Srichavanothai, Director General of Department of Local Administration, participated in an awards ceremony of a “Save the World Innovation Project” together with Provincial Office for Local Administration of Saraburi, at the Parliament on October 11, 2022.

Saraburi Province is a winner in Central and Western Province group of National Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management (Clean Province) Competition 2022. The province consists of 108 Local Administrative Organizations (LAOs) (excluding Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization) and have best practices for MSW management in upstream, midstream and downstream as follows;

(1) Upstream

1) 103 LAOs (97.25 %) announce their MSW related Ordinances.

2) 99.36 % of LAOs have garbage bins for wet waste.

3) 51.94 % of households participate in Local Environment Volunteer Network

(2) Midstream

1) LAOs distribute garbage bins by at least 2 types of waste bins in all public areas / tourist spots.

2) 96.30 % of LAOs set up solid waste collection and transportation systems for each area (only LAOs with collection and transportation services).

3) All Villages/Communities have hazardous waste collection center.

(3) Downstream

1) The province promotes wide area waste processing & disposal (Clusters) and forms up 4 groups.

2) The province cooperates with Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Tan Dieo Subdistrict Administrative Organization to develop waste sorting and processing center for various types of waste.

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