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DIW follow up the problem on industrial waste transportation at Ratchaburi

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The Director General of the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), the Vice Governor of Ratchaburi Province, the Director of the Ratchaburi Provincial Industry Office, and other relevant officials together with the Ombudsman visited Ratchaburi province to inspect, follow up, and solve the problem of industrial waste residue.

Despite of the order to Wax Garbage Recycling Center Co., Ltd. to move all industrial waste out of the factory area in June 2022, DIW has found that the company is unable to move waste according to plan. Therefore, The Ministry of Industry will manage by setting up a plan solve the problem by two phases as follows:

Initial stage:

  • DIW disposed of 10,000 tons of industrial waste and contaminated soil by using proper methods.

  • The Department of Groundwater Resources studies how to restore groundwater and investigates the illegal landfill within the factory's area.

  • The Ratchaburi Provincial Public Health Office monitors the health status of people in the area.

Phase 2:

  • To eliminate pollution in the environment.

  • To treat contaminated soil and underground water as well as the environment inside and outside the factory.

For a long-term solution, DIW plans to amend relevant laws, encourage the establishment of an "Industrial Fund", and promote this case as a model, namely "Ratchaburi Model”, for solving problems that may occur in the future.

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