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UBE Group closed a deal to acquire Ubon Solar Co., Ltd. Entering the floating solar cell business

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Ubon Bio Agriculture Co., Ltd. (UBA), a subsidiary of Ubon Bio Ethanol Plc. (UBE) acquired Ubon Solar Co., Ltd. which produces and sells electricity from solar energy with a capacity of 2.83 MW

UBE Group has been generating renewable energy from waste from the industrial process. UBE expects to reduce the cost of electricity used in the production process by approx. THB9 million per year as well as enhance UBE Group to meet the target of 100% clean energy utilization by generating more than 10 MW of electricity per hour from renewable energy.

At Present, UBU Group has 3 biogas plants as follows:

1. MUR biogas plant (Methane Upflow Reactor) operated by Ubon Bio Ethanol Plc.

2. UASB biogas plant (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) Generate 1.9 MW of electricity operated by Ubon Sunflower Co., Ltd (UBS)

3. CLBR biogas plant (Covered Lagoon Bio-Reactor) Generate 5.6 MW of electricity operated by Ubon Sunflower Co., Ltd (UBS)


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