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Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste at Kanchanaburi Province

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA supports and promotes Plastic Waste to Oil by Pyrolysis, as an innovative technology for community.

NIA promotes invention and design of a machine to convert plastic waste to oil by pyrolysis process by Natural Agriculture Tha Makham Center, Kanchanaburi Province. This small pyrolysis manufacturing unit can distill plastic waste into several grades of oil (e.g., diesel, gasoline, flue gas) with no harmful pollution (dioxin) to be released into the environment, to be use as one of the zero waste models for communities in the area.

There is a pilot project for villagers to exchange waste for oil obtained from the process for trial. However, due to lack of legislative framework as well as support from the government, implementation of the project was limited in the past. Thai government is requested to enforce laws & regulation, set up policy to promote as well as raise awareness among villagers.


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