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TGO enhance the development of T-VER standard

Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) held a meeting with Global Carbon Council (GCC) to Share Knowledge on (1) standard of Global Carbon Council Mechanism and additional voluntary labels (2) Best practices for methodology development on August 28th, 2023.

The Global Carbon Council (GCC) is a voluntary carbon offsetting program that aims to assist the organizations to reduce their carbon footprints by adopting low-carbon pathways, and GCC will issue the emission reduction units known as ‘Approved Carbon Credits (ACCs)’ which is ensuring a rigorous monitoring and independent verification.

TGO expected that the collaboration will build credibility from buyer and make benefit for strengthening of the T-VER standard to be aligned with international practices.

TGO has developed the “Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER)” since 2014 as a voluntary crediting mechanism to supports the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand.

Due to the current situation on climate change that causes higher demand on high quality carbon credits, TGO has cooperated with international agencies to exchange knowledge & upgrade the standard of the T-VER project.

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