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Ministry of Interior creates Carbon Market Opportunities for Local Administrative Organizations

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The Ministry of Interior, Thailand (MOI) ordered to the provincial governors to take action according to “Notification of MOI on Solid Waste Management, Amendment No. 2, B.E. 2565 (2017)” , which was published in the official gazette and effective on and after October 26, 2022 to set procedures regarding to Carbon Credit certified from Local Administrative Organization (LAO) projects.

According to a Clean Province Action Plan (2022), MOI set up targets for National Municipal Solid Waste Management by LAOs. One of the targets is to promote garbage bins for wet waste to all households (100 percent). Department of Local Administration (DLA) ordered all provincial offices to survey and report data & information of the garbage bins for wet waste via the information system on waste management of LAOs (provided by DLA). Furthermore, the LAO or DLA* can use the data to apply for carbon credit certification.

The Permanent Secretary for Interior stated that currently there are 2,716,651 households with the garbage bins for wet waste from 9,175,452 citizens and 843,958.07 tons of wet waste per year that generated 122,711.50 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. Thus, MOI is under accelerating to achieve the target in all provinces, which to place the garbage bins for wet waste in all households (100 percent), by the end of November 2022.

The MOI has set up procedures regarding to carbon credit verification from the garbage bins for wet waste projects of LAO, Thailand (Internal Audit) by initiating in 4 pilot provinces consisting of 2 provinces with 100 percent placement of the garbage bins for wet waste i.e., Samut Songkhram & Lamphun, and 2 out of 3 provinces with 80-99.99 percent placement i.e., Amnat Charoen & Loei. The provinces shall appoint a working group in each district to visit the area and report to the MOI every month.

* From the Notification of MOI No. 2 (2022), MOI stipulates that the LAOs as owners of the project s or DLA on behalf of the LAO can apply for greenhouse gas certification from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization: TGO) and the LAO can set up budget regarding to such application according to Regulation of the MOI on Budgeting of LAOs and other related regulations.

The Permanent Secretary for Interior added that DLA has already applied for greenhouse gas certification from the garbage bins for wet waste projects under the Clean Province Action Plan as the pilot projects for all LAOs in Thailand. In the next stage, the LAOs shall trade carbon credits according to Specific Method stipulated in the provisions of the public procurement and supplies administration law. The payment will be regarded as the income of the LAOs.


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